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Friend of mine is open for work, go comission her NOW!


Commissions are always open!

 Please respect that I am a slow worker.

"Pieces in this preview (Waist-up|lineart ; Fullbody|Lineart ; Portrait|Lineart ; Portrait|flatColors ; Waist-up|FlatColors ; Fullbody|FlatColors ; Portrait|FullColors ; Waist-up|fullcolors ; Fullbody|Fullcolors )”

I also do traditional sketches as you can see in some of the previews( when asking for a commission you can specify if you want traditional or digital sketch . Prices may vary a little though )

Chibis are £5 with additional characters being £1


Traditional Lineart like this one is also available but it costs £24 (Ink pens are expensive guys )



»»You can also visit my Art blog to see more of my art or my art tag ««

And if you are interested please send me an ask or contact me trough my email

Payment trough paypal or Bank Deposit 

Old 2010 vinil design

Hiena face :l

Tora and Kiuku.

Mushi the demon cat (nekomata?)

Doing small experienc eon this old laptop, i dont see find yet the right angle to look at the screen without having the colors come out too offf, hope this doesnt look to wonky off chart :P


Quick sketch of Space Kafri with a very usefull suit. Did I say she’s naked under it? Everything to break Jass focus. Kafri belong to Dktorzi

Meet the wife 2 is happening!
Here some more Mara :)

Mara kitsune, ballpoint pen, rough sketch of the day.

Old khajiit folio.

My old kitsune folio series, inks.

Need draw more Ru….

Alice the evil good kitty from Purplekecleon.